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Niche Tycoon’s 88 lessons (50+ video tutorials) actions you through every action of the method on how to prepare, launch and develop incredible specific niche sites.

These aren’t your typical WordPress blog sites These websites are constructed with users in mind which can be leveraged to create mass quantities of outstanding material rapidly which makes profits from numerous sources, consisting of numerous advertisement networks, affiliate programs and even repeating profits sources.

In a nutshell, you’ll find out the following:

1. How to develop ultra easy to use specific niche sites with the capacity for big variety of page views per visitor (which assists increase profits). This is the outcome of over 4 months of research study and screening producing a specific niche site structured created to rank a good deal of material well in the online search engine and simply as significantly be very easy to use. This structure likewise uses almost boundless screen advertisement possibilities.


Area 18 consists of a complete set of video tutorials revealing you every information how I develop my most current specific niche sites– ever technical information exposed.

2. How to create big quantities of traffic from numerous sources consisting of natural search, social networks and paid;.

3. How I’ve produced a good deal of benefit from purchasing traffic to specific niche sites (this is a bit hit and miss out on so please do not rely on this always working);.

4. How to take advantage of high-traffic B2C specific niche blog sites to take advantage of the remarkably financially rewarding B2B markets (this alone deserves the rate of the course);.

5. How to make repeating profits from your B2C/B2B hybrid sites. Repeating profits is the supreme kind of profits for any service.

6. 4 Keyword research study techniques I utilize to reveal easy-to-rank for long tail keywords (the very best method to begin getting traffic instantly;.

7. How to get user-generated material sent and done so in a manner that it in fact leads to the very best material online (all of it boils down to site structure and specifically what kinds of material you request users to send);.

8. In-depth specific niche choice videos and info;.

9. Over the shoulder videos revealing you detailed how I develop my brand name brand-new kinds of specific niche sites. You’ll get access to a sample site along with displayed in the videos.

10 Where and how I get outstanding material for really affordable rates … plus how you can secure free material from your site users (this belongs to the magic of constructing a B2C/B2B hybrid site.

11 You will find out precisely how and where I put screen advertisements for optimum profits.

12 This course consists of loads of info on how I create countless dollars every month in affiliate commissions consisting of promoting digital items and physical items to a range of specific niche audiences.

PLUS a lot more. See the whole course summary listed below to see precisely what’s covered.


Below are the lessons in the course. All lessons in Sections 18 and 19 are brand name brand-new mentor a TOTALLY brand-new specific niche site idea. It’s really, really cool!

New principles are taught with sample site constructed from scratch … simply follow along.

SECTION 1: Getting Started

  • Lesson 2: About Me
  • Lesson 3: 11 Steps (The BIG Picture)

SECTION 2: Proof

  • Lesson 4: Proof of Success

SECTION 3: Niche Selection

  • Lesson 5: Niche Selection Criteria and Examples
  • Lesson 6: Niche Selection (Validating a Niche)
  • Lesson 7: Choosing a Domain Name

SECTION 4: Setting Up WordPress

  • Lesson 8: Registering a Domain
  • Lesson 9: Assign a Domain (Bluehost)
  • Lesson 10: Install WordPress (Bluehost)
  • Lesson 11: Basic Website Set Up

SECTION 5: Your Website (Formát & & Plugins)

  • Lesson12: 5 WordPress Themes I Like
  • Lesson 13: Blog Post Formatting and Advertisement Placement
  • Lesson 14: Plugins I Use

SECTION 6: Keyword Research

  • Lesson 15: 4 Keyword Research Methods
  • Lesson 16: Keyword Research Method # 1: Top Down Approach
  • Lesson 17: Keyword Research Method # 2: Bottom Up Approach
  • Lesson 18: Keyword Research # 3: Beat-the-Competition Approach
  • Lesson 19: Keyword Research # 4: Seed Keyword Approach

SECTION 7: Website Content

  • Lesson 20: 7 Types of Content to Publish
  • Lesson 21: Should You Paginate Cor
  • Lesson 22: My Top 3 Sources for Written Content
  • Lesson 23: Image Sources (Extensive List of Free and Paid)
  • Lesson 24: Email Template for Requesting Use of Images
  • Lesson 25: Free Images and Content (from Facebook and Imgur)
  • Lesson 26: Outsourcing

SECTION 8: Advertisement Monetization

  • Lesson 27: Advertisement Placement
  • Lesson 28: Ezoic Set Up Tutorial
  • Lesson 29: My Current Advertisement Networks
  • Lesson 30: Managing Ads with Advertisement Inserter Plugin Tutorial
  • Lesson 31: How to Make a Sticky Fixed Sidebar Advertisement

SECTION 9: Affiliate Marketing

  • Lesson 32: How I Eam Affiliate Commissions with My Content
  • Lesson 33: My Affiliate Store Concept


  • Lesson 34: Website Structure
  • Lesson 35: On-Site SEO (Including Image SEO)
  • Lesson 36: Link Building (the simple, however efficient method)
  • Lesson 37: WP Review Plugin (Get More Traffic with It)

SECTION 11: Facebook Page (Free Organic Traffic)

  • Lesson 38: Facebook Newsfeed Posting Strategy
  • Lesson 39: Facebook Status Link Posts to Newsfeed
  • Lesson 40: Facebook Image Post to Newsfeed
  • Lesson 41: Facebook Slideshow Post to the Newsfeed
  • Lesson 42: Make Money Posting to FB

SECTION 12: Pinterest, Tumblr, Google + and Twitter

  • Lesson 43: Pinterest Set Up and Growth
  • Lesson 44: Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter & & Google+
  • Lesson 45: Automating Sociál Media Posting

SECTION 13: Buying Traffic

  • Lesson 46: Facebook Carousel Ads
  • Lesson 47: Facebook Boost Post Ads
  • Lesson 48: Facebook Single Image Clicks to Website Advertisement

SECTION 14: Email Marketing

  • Lesson 49: Email Marketing in a B2C Niche

SECTION 15: Loads of Free traffic with Push Notífications

  • Lesson 50: Free Traffic with Push Notífications (Awesome)

SECTION 16: Video Marketing

  • Lesson 51: YouTube Video Production and Marketing

SECTION 17: Turn Your Website Into an App (ios app)

  • Lesson 52: Create an App Version of Your Website

SECTION 18: The NEXT Level: Database Niche Sites (My 2016 a.

  • Lesson 57: My New Niche Concept– OverView
  • Lesson 58: Niche Ideas List for This New Site Infrastructure
  • Lesson 59: Niche Ideas for Database “Filtered Search&& …
  • Lesson 60: Planning Custom Post Types and Custom Taxonomies
  • Lesson 61: How to Install WordX Theme
  • Lesson 62: Plugin OverView
  • Lesson 63: Finding the Authority Sites in a Niche
  • Lesson 64: More Keyword Research Approaches
  • Lesson 65: How to Quickly Silo Your Website
  • Lesson 66: Setting Up Custom Post Types and Custom Taxonomies
  • Lesson 67: How to Create Custom Bulk Posts m Bulk
  • Lesson 68: How to Set Up Filtered Search on Your Website
  • Lesson 69: Create Filtered Galleries with Content Views Pl …
  • Lesson 70: Different Content Post Types
  • Lesson 71: On-Site SEO for Custom Post Types, Taxonomies, …
  • Lesson 72: Getting User Generated Content that Creates Pos …
  • Lesson 73: Setting Up a Fantastic Affiliate Store
  • Lesson 74: How to Quickly Insert Affiliate Store Products …
  • Lesson 75: 2 Must-Have Plugins to Speed Up Your Affiliate …
  • Lesson 76: Create Custom Sidebars for Better User Experience
  • Lesson 77: Advertisement Placements in Custom Post Types
  • Lesson 78: Traffic Analysis of Elf Links vs. Regular Affil.
  • Lesson 79: Outsourcing Much of this for Very Low Cost
  • Lesson 80: Job Posting Template and Tips

SECTION 19: Niche Domination: B2B/B2C Hybrid Website Model

  • Lesson 81: B2B Model Explained in Detail
  • Lesson 82: B2C and B2B Combo for Niche Domination
  • Lesson 83: B2B– How to Find Recurring Commission Business …
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